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Whether you are a Professional Photographer, Designer or Artist you will be familure with the struggle in finding a supplier with a range of products that reflect your image and professionalism. Over 80% of all of our customers are professionals who repeat order and aren't just happy with the quality, but also the resalable value that they can achieve.



Building your Business

In most cases, the products that you customers purchase can dictate if they become a returning customer, if you recieve further recommendations and your profit margin. We have built our product range with all of this in mind and provide you with a range of profesisonal products only using the very best materials, technology and finishing touches. We also offer a number of different options so you can taylor make your products just the way you want them.


Trade Discounts & Offers

We offer trade discounts for all of our customers based on the quantity of orders.. So larger your business grows, then so does your discount. Even though this is the case, even our smallest trade clients benefit from a discounts and will recieve coupons and special offers once signed up to Fotolounge.


Friendly and Professional

We have built our business on our friendly attitude and acting on customer feedback. We encourage our customers to let us know if there is something they feel that we could improve on, a new product or even an existing product just with a few changes to be made then we are always happy to listen.


Hot Press Lamination

The lamination is a key process to canvas printing although it's often overlooked. All of our lamination uses a hot press lamination process, where a 50micron film is placed over the fresh canvas and then heated and vacuumed into place. This is typically a method only used by very best print services providers and top galleries. You can choose from a matt or luster gloss finish which provide a stunning finish and protects againts scuffs, scratches and is easily maintained.


High Quality Acrylic

Acrylics provide a different style of displaying wall mounted images in a new, clean and dynamic way. Our range is based on Perspex, the trade name for the best acrylic available with the highest clarity. You will never find 'debris' in our products that you may find in lower grade acrylics and as we have our panels and blocks fabricated to order, it means that if the sizes we offer as standard do not fit your requirement, then we can have a panel fabricated to your exact specification and giving your customer exactly what they want.


Professionally Finished and Ready to Hang

All of our products are fully finished and ready to hang. All of our canvas are all taped on the rear with framing tape and a choice of hanging systems either a traditional 'D' ring and cord or a gripper. All products even come with a nail and hook so the only thing that your customer will need is a hammer. We take time on the rear of the products as we do on the front to add value and


Branding Your Presentation Box

All of our canvas and acrylic products come ready for you to present to your customer in a white box, packed with acid free tissue paper and bubble padding. Building your brand can be an important part to portraying a professional image and gaining referrals; for this reason you can arrange for your logo to be put on the box on completion for that finishing touch. We never brand or include any type of marketing on any of our products.